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Jan Greenberg – Executive Assistant to Board, Service Dog Trainer and Educator


After graduating from the  University of Northern Colorado with a B.S. in Psychology, it was a natural step for me to work with dogs in the future.  I started training dogs in 2000.  Having trained traditionally for 10 years, I joined Freedom Dogs  ( and started “positive” operant training.  There I became a Certified Specialty Service Dog Trainer working with both the dogs and the members of our Military with PTSD.  

I have had my own personal service dog for the past 11 years, and Nadador has participated in the“Seizure Alert Project” learning to detect the viability of seizure scent.  I was an AKC CGC Evaluator for 12 years.  My personal dogs have participated in Therapy Dog work for the past 14 years in retirement homes, hospice, universities and chemotherapy rooms.  I am a KPA-CTP graduate and continue to attend many workshops and clinics to further my knowledge and skills.  

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