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Kim Ann Strid – Administrative Assistant to Board, Emergency Veterinary Technician and Artist


Kim has always said that she prefers animals over people. This philosophy served her well in her 38 years as an emergency veterinary technician, saving one life at time on the graveyard shift at East Valley Emergency Pet Clinic in Southern California. Kim was known for rescuing “lost causes” and finding them a loving home. This is where Kim met an extremely sick puppy mill puppy who was brought into the clinic to be put down. As soon as she looked into the dog’s sorrowful eyes, she knew he was the dog for Sherry even if Sherry did not. The little puppy with no name (who became Barker) was destined to facilitate great changes in his short life.

For fun, Kim and her dogs compete in American Kennel Club®, (AKC) Agility trials - winning several titles. Kim has an artistic side, she enjoys woodworking, sketching, painting, and working with clay. Just recently she has begun the process of reinventing herself as an animal artist, in fact she is the artist of the Barker Dogs coloring pages. Kim and her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Pace roam the hills, gathering unusually shaped rocks to paint into animals. Kim is proud to have helped save the puppy who would become Barker and most of all she is honored to be a member of the Barker Dog Foundation® named for him.

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