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Sherry Buchbinder - President, Founder, CEO


It is amazing how one small instance can change the course of one’s life; my particular instance was rescuing a little brown dog we named Barker.  Being confined to a wheelchair and actually quite bored I soon began coming up with games for Barker and I to play to pass the time. I didn’t realize that I was actually teaching Barker task work.  And so began my introduction to the wonderful world of service dogs and how they benefit those of us with a disability.  

I was hooked! Since then I took every class I could, worked one on one with the most qualified trainers and became certified in most everything working dog related. In other words I immersed myself in this amazing world. During these few years, I also met several therapy dog teams and learned how a visit from a friendly dog could bring a smile and comfort to those who need hope.


And so the journey began. First there was Barker, next was Doc-Barker and now we have Kidd-Barker; what a road we have traveled! Thanks Barker, I wouldn’t be who am today without your trust and belief in me thus giving me the ability to trust myself. 

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